How we work!

We here at Dark Aura Studios believe that creating content/art should not cost an arm and a leg! While most music videos (for example) can start at $5,000+, we DEFINITELY do not. Whether you want YouTube content, TikTok, Music Videos, Short Film, Audition videos etc... You've come to the right place. 

This is based on your budget! What does that mean? 

- We have a consultation with ALL band members/artists/decision makers either over ZOOM or in person discussing ideas and budget.

- We provide a number of services such as Directing, Choreography, Creative input, Editing, Location Scouting, Lighting, Camera work, Hair/Makeup and more.

- If there is a service you don't want us to provide because you have someone else in mind, it will be discussed and excluded from the budget :)


- We are fair and always provide the best service possible with the best quality possible! 

- We expect a 50% deposit and contract signing

- Consultation via ZOOM is $30; In person consultation base price is $50 (if meeting location exceeds 25 miles from our base location, there will be an additional travel fee) 

- What you want for your video is entirely up to your budget. If anything extra is necessary that you want over budget, we expect that to be paid. BUT we will always make sure to figure out every possible solution before having to go over budget. 

- We also expect respect for everyone and everything! It's a team effort, so that's how we should work!

- Lets create some cool art!!!